Plantation shutters in Byron Bay

Why Plantation Shutters are great to install in Byron Bay!

The Plantation shutters in Byron Bay have grown in popularity amongst homeowners despite it being more expensive than conventional shutters. Besides being aesthetically pleasing  plantation shutters also have quite a few other benefits.

Benefits of plantation shutters.

  • Not only are they stylish, but because they are custom made to fit your home’s windows, match in colour and design. Giving your home a consistent look. This appeals to potential buyers and adds value to the home.
  • You can now have plantation shutters installed that are remote controlled. This is great for the technologically inclined.
  • Better insulation against wind drafts in winter and harsh sun rays in summer.
  • Plantation shutters instantly make a room appear more spacious. Because plantation shutters are fitted into the windows recess the room appears bigger as opposed to hanging conventional curtains or drapings.
  • Security and privacy is a big consideration for any homeowner. With plantation shutters, you get the best of both!
  • Plantation shutters are made from durable materials. This means that if looked after properly and the correct cleaning methods are used plantation shutters will last you a long time.
  • Plantation shutters can reduce the cost of decorating your home. Because of the versatility of the product and the wide array of colours, plantation shutters are a popular choice as the standard white shutter can be matched to any interior.
  • The installation of plantation shutters can reduce noise levels around your home.

Plantation shutters are available in a variety of textures. This makes them versatile and fun to play around with as you can match them to the interior of your home. Here at Creative Blinds, we have a wide variety of plantation shutters available in various textures to suit your needs.

Plantation shutters available at Creative Blinds

  • Fixed plantation shutters
  • Hinged plantation shutters
  • Bi-Fold Hinged plantation shutters
  • Timber plantation shutters
  • Sliding plantation shutters

Different options available in plantation shutters

  • PVC painted – Snow white, china white, soft pearl, linen wash, all cream and Sisal
  • Basswood painted – Same colour variations as above
  • Basseood stained – Aged Teak, All Rose, Antique Walnut, Mahogany and All Blonde
  • Western Red Cedar stained – Cedar dark, cedar medium

We specialise in providing a high quality, beautifully finished product. Give us a call or visit us online for more info!