Velux in Sydney

What Will Blow Your Mind About Velux in Sydney?

It is about time that property owners hired skylight experts for installation at your convenience. Most potential customers do not know much about Velux in Sydney. In light of this, carry on reading this to know a few characteristics of Velux skylights.

Crucial Features of a Velux in Sydney


Skylights are available in over ten different sizes to suit varying customer preferences. However, the bigger the Velux, the lower the privacy. Therefore, most window professionals recommend standard Velux skylights.

The most common size option is 970 mm by 1275 mm and is ideal for roof installation.


Designers make these windows from high-quality materials like aluminum. Technically, the melting point of aluminum is roughly 650 degree Celsius. Additionally, glass is slightly slippery and thus does not allow condensation.


Technically, Velux can last for more than ten years as long as one maintains it well. The glass is relatively thick to ensure it is relatively damage-resistant.

Different types

Nowadays, buyers can buy landscape, diamond-shaped, or portrait openable skylights. Some may choose to get a fixed skylight, especially if one is installing it to improve lighting.

Highly secure

Skylight manufacturers always laminate the glass of each of these products. The best part is that lamination does not affect the transparency of the Velux skylight. Generally, each laminated glass has an estimated thickness of 1.8 to 2.5 mm.

Velux in Sydney

4 Advantages of Double-Glazed Veluxe Skylights

Sound insulation

Clients that live in noisy neighborhoods should budget for high-quality Velux skylights. The double-glazed design of these windows prevents the entry of sound into the house.

Warrants privacy

All double-glazed windows are soundproof to prevent the sound from escaping from the house. Therefore, house occupants can have any conversation without fearing the danger of eavesdroppers.


Each of these skylights has a thickness of 20 to 24 millimeters. Therefore, it is more damage-resistant, making it long-lasting. Usually, a Veluxe skylight can last for 10 to 15 years.

Safe for people

The beauty of this skylight is that it is UV-resistant to reduce the impact of sun rays. Therefore, the rays do not do any harm to room occupants or the floor. Apart from that, the room temperature remains bearable regardless of how hot it is outside the house.

Summing Up

Velux in Sydney has all the necessary features that make it suitable for home or office installation. Most manufacturers make high-quality skylights from acrylic or polycarbonate materials.

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