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Three Considerations Before Ordering External Blinds For Your Home

These days, it’s easy to customise your home the way you want it, so that you have the house of your dreams, designed, decorated and constructed according to your preferences. However, the more you can customise your home, the more decisions you have to make – and it can be quite fun evaluating all the options. If external blinds for your home are on your list to open up your home to the outdoors, you first need to consider these four factors. 

1. What solution is your setting out to achieve?

– Is it street appeal that your home could do with a dose of? External Venetian Blinds look amazing. These very clever blinds are fitted to the outside of your home and are motorised. They are durable and are available in a range of colours. Louvretec installs the Evaya External Venetian Blind which looks so stylish and is built to last – this is so important in our environment.

– If you are after much-needed privacy we again recommend External Venetian Blinds or Mesh Shade Blinds. Both are operable and let you set your own scene and shut the world out when needed.

-If you require more weather control for your outdoor area then Sliding Glass Doors or Clear PVC Blinds are a great option. 

One of the best parts about installing external blinds in your home is choosing a style that you like. Shutter panels come in different sizes and materials. Outdoor Blinds (whatever the style) should complement the existing design of your home – not cover it up. 

2. Mechanism – How easy are they to operate?

Outdoor blinds open and close according to your selection. 

We have options available motorised, hand operable or fixed in place.

Our Hand Operable range open easily and its a real pleasure operating them with a crank handle or if your choice is louvre shutters, simply moving the louvres open and close with your hand.    

3. Your Budget

Installing external blinds is exciting because you’re putting a new addition onto your home, which not only improves its overall style and design but can also increase its value. The good thing about Louvretec’s range of Outdoor blinds is they can be retro fitted as required. Start with one blind and go from there. We can design to your requirements and provide a no-obligation site visit and quotation for you.

It’s an important consideration, which is why you need to keep these three quick factors in mind when choosing the best external blind option for your home & your requirements.