sandblasting in Mississauga

Right Equipment Used For Sandblasting In Mississauga

If you are going to purchase or hire equipment for sandblasting in Mississauga to use in your workspace, then probably you are unaware that there is more than one type of equipment to choose between. Each type of tool has its own purpose and is suitable for specific applications. In this guide, you will study various sandblasting equipment available to you.


This is the type of equipment used in the process of sandblasting, and it is the most famous equipment. This tool got fame due to its simple use, and because it is the most inexpensive tool in the listing of sandblasting equipment. This equipment has an air gun fitted with two different hoses. One hose is used to blow the air, which is then delivered to it with the help of a compressor, whereas the second hose sucks in the abrasive material. And this creates a vacuum in which the two mixes together before blowing out via a nozzle.

sandblasting in Mississauga

Pressure pot:

This tool is considered as the most professional of all the types due to its much higher sandblasting pressure and its overall efficiency. It is mostly used in industrial areas and workplaces where it needs to carry out long time sandblasting projects. This tool consists of a pressurized tank. In this tank, the air gets mixed with the abrasive before being shot out.

sandblasting in Mississauga

Power washer:

This tool is utilized at the time when the services of wet sandblasting are required. This powerful tool uses a pressure washer that mixes in an abrasive with the water before being blown out via the nozzle. This tool is actually used to carry out industrial cleaning services. It helps to clean surfaces quickly and efficiently than other methods of cleaning. Plus, it is commonly used for the removal of graffiti from affected buildings.

Although these tools are powerful and offer great result, most equipment will create problems with the flow of abrasive if you purchase low-quality or cheap equipment. As it is said that, you get what you pay for, but it could not be true in the sandblasting process. Most of the time, the siphon and pressure pot tools experience clogging and other flow issues.

Make sure that you have chosen the right equipment for sandblasting in Mississauga. Keep it clean and well maintained as it will be your best investment that you will ever make.

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