Granny Pods Brisbane

Granny Pods & Why They Make Great Space Savers. Available In Brisbane!

It’s a fact that more people are moving into the cities and other urban areas throughout Australia. For those with lots of outdoor lawn or gear, garden tools or even machinery this means their often running low on storage space.

Granny Pods Brisbane helps you to utilise your space in the comfort of your backyard, making storage easy and relatively cheap as all your belongings are on your property and not at a storage facility that tends to become quite expensive.

Consider you’re looking for an apartment, townhouse or even a home on a small lot on the outskirts of the city that just doesn’t have space for a garage. Sure we you can store your  property outside, maybe under a tarp or under the deck. But these are still going to be exposed to the elements. Rain, wind and the sun…it all can wreak havoc on gear and tools. Not an ideal situation that can be prevented, storage space does not need to be an issue with Humpy Co. Backyard Pods. Depending on the Granny pods in Brisbane you use, space will not be an issue. If you do have a home, but with only limited space, smaller storage pods can literally be placed just about anywhere. Backyard pod in Northern Rivers NSW  are available in a range of sizes and our Pods will easily fit into almost any backyard.