Easy laser belt alignment tool

What is an easy laser belt alignment tool?

Easy laser belt alignment tool is also known by another name sheave alignment tool. This type of tools is used to align the centerlines of sheave grooves. These are aligned to properly axial and radial alignment. The belts are relatively not so much costly, so the alignment of belt or sheave is not considered as a major issue.

But sometimes when misalignment occurs, it can cause serious issues and may reduce belt life. These problems include:

  •         It increases the load on bearing and shaft
  •         It can increase the wear of the sheaves, and in result, it may lead to a decrease in sheave life
  •         This problem can increase vibration due to belt wear

Easy laser belt alignment tool

So to avoid these problems, laser alignment kit is used for the alignment purposes. The sheave and belt tools are used for the proper detection of three types of misalignments.

  •         Radial runout of the shaft
  •         Radial runout of the sheave
  •         Axial runout of the sheave

Radial shaft runout:

It is the type of shaft misalignment in which the shaft is bent. It affects the overall performance of the machine, and it needs to be correct as soon as possible. If the shaft is bent out of tolerance, then it is time to replace the entire shaft because it will not get aligned now. And in the event, if it gets aligned using an alignment tool, it may start creating other issues and may stop working in the near future. So it would be better to replace it with a new shaft. Additionally, after confirming there is no more radial shaft runout, go to the next step and check the radial runout of the sheave.

Radial sheave runout:

This is the type of misalignment that occurs in the sheave. The radial runout of the sheave is noticed, the chances are it is because of the abnormally bored sheave or may be due to bushing. The solution for this runout is that you must replace the sheave before going to align it.

Easy laser belt alignment tool

Axial sheave runout:

This type of misalignment requires you to check the taper-lock bushing to make sure that it must be mounted correctly and tightly. This misalignment may also occur due to the oversized shaft or may be due to the sheave or bushing is bored abnormally.

Easy belt alignment tool and sheave alignment vary depending on the brand and type. But all the tools generally work by attaching two magnetic V-sensors into the grooves of the sheave.

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