Braemar heating

Different Types Of Braemar Heating Systems For Home

If you want to stay warm and comfortable during the cold season in your home, then probably you are in need of some form of heating system. There are many different types of Braemar heating systems uniquely built for different purposes.

Braemar is one of the most well-known and reputed brands for manufacturing different types of heating as well as cooling systems.  So do you know which type is best for your home? If not, then this article is for you. We help you out properly as we have mentioned the most common heating systems of Braemar Company.

Braemar heating

Forced air:

It is the most common yet useful type of heating systems that are used in both offices as well as in homes. As the name said the entire story itself, this type works with heated air being forced to run via a distribution system that is fitted around the house. The warm air is heated in a centralized furnace, which typically uses some form of fuel, and then the hot air is forced through the distribution system. The heating process of air is generally done by using natural gas, electricity, and other fuel types. This type of heating system offers many advantages over other types.

Radiant heat systems:

This type of heating system is most commonly found in homes. In this type, the heat is directly transferred from a heated material or a unit to the cold surface. These systems are usually electric cables that run underneath the floor and heated by using a thermostat. There are many other ways through which this effect of heating can also be achieved. The most common type of this heating is the hot water tubes which cab entrenched beneath the floors of a room. Boilers are used to heat the water, and then water is distributed through a system of pipes.

Braemar heating

Hydronic heating systems:

This type is similar to radiant heating systems because it also uses boilers to heat the water, which is then distributed around the house. The only difference is it transfers the heat from wall units instead of transferring the heat from the floor. These units are very quiet, just like the Brivis heating systems. And when it comes to temperature control, these systems are easy to precision control.

These are the most common Braemar heating systems that can be easily found in homes and buildings. So if you are deciding to install one at your home, you become familiar with the most common types mentioned in this article.

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