4 Top Roof Repairing Material and Their Lifespan

Along with other renovations in the home like the kitchen remodeling and the replacement of basins or sinks, the rood repairing is also a big task to give the home outlook a very nice touch. As you spend a lot on everything, you might like to keep the budget a little bit affordable for yourself, and that I only possible if you contact the affordable roofing Auckland company that is offering amazing packages for it. They do this by offering various types of roof repairing materials from which you can choose the one under your budget and with a lifespan that you want. Here is the list of their topmost roofing material and their lifespan description in the section given below.

1.  Asphalt Roll Roof 

Asphalt Roll Roof is the most popular roofing material that is from one of the most affordable roofing Auckland company. According to them, this roofing material is very durable and can last for a decade at least. This is possible only if it is kept clean from any dust or debris. Also, you have to keep it away from anything that can cause damage to it. In the otherwise case, it would take half of the years, that is 5 years, and then you will have to change it.

2.  Built-Up Roofing (BUR) 

The Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is yet another roof material offered by them, and it is very nice looking, durable, and simple in design. If you keep on doing the regular inspection of this roofing material and try to repair everything that becomes problematic from time to time, then it will last for at least 20 to 30 years. Also, try to remove the dust and debris so that the material may not get damaged with time.

3.  Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof 

Unlike the lifespan of other roof repairing materials, the Composite Asphalt Shingle Roof has a much longer life. In the company of home roofing Auckland, the offer this material exclusively for those who want their roofing to be there in the best form. It is a maximum for 40 years and that is quite a number. It is claimed by them that if taken care of, the roof might take 50 years to be replaced next time.

4.  Wood Shingle Roof

Wood Shingle Roof is available at a very affordable price and is known to last for almost 2 decades. It is possible only and only if the home is located at a place where the weather conditions are not very harsh, and where the dust and debris are not very common. You can increase its lifespan by repairing the damages and cracks quickly after they develop and also keep it neat and clean from anything that drops on it.


Roofing and its remodeling are very important tasks when it comes to home renovations. Tr to do this task through consideration of your budget and the longevity that you want from it. It will surely become easy for you.